• Numbering hot stamping machine
  • Numbering hot stamping machine
  • Numbering hot stamping machine
  • Numbering hot stamping machine
  • Numbering hot stamping machine

Numbering hot stamping machine

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US $ 2500 / pic

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1 pic

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Product Description

H-TC200N Automatically Numbering hot stamping machine

Stamping Head drive


Foil collecting method

Motor-drive , Collecting time adjustable

Temperature controlling

Heating tube heat upAutomatically temperature controlling, temperature free setting

Size of stamping plate and table

Customized plate size/ 320×400mm.

Press adjustment way

Up-down of working table

Working table

Push out and in


  • Install Numbering Head on the hot stamping machine, You will get continue variation number one the objects to be bronzed;
  • You can use not only number type but also with your company logo
  • Widely used in the Package, Container strip seal

Technical parameter

  • Working table area:320 ×400mm;
  • Max printing pressure:2,000-3000 Kg;
  • Up and down distance:45mm ;
  • Heat wattage:1000W;
  • Foil in feed: Motor Drive;
  • Temperature adjustment:0-300oC . 

    1) Hot stamping content and layout: 
    The more common is digital, English letters: A.B.C.D.E.F.G.H.I.G.K.L.M.N.O.P.Q.R.S.T.U.V.W.X.Y.Z. sometimes users also need to provide LOGO design documents. Digital usually to iron a become a, also some will one day become a. Reflected in Numbering machine, some need to be automatic change, some need to manually Numbers. 
    2) The font size, general with 5 to no. 3 in the majority. The main consideration in product surface hot stamping out clear font. 
    3) The font types, in the world there is a wide variety of letters type, but use most or Arial, times New Roman, System.


  • Vertical design ensures big pressure
  • Capable of adjusting the stamping pressure, the temperature and the speed;
  • Worktable slight adjustment ensure precision stamping;
  • The height of the working table adjustable ;
  • Automatic foil feeding and collecting.

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